Session 2022-23

  Gender Sensttization Plan

  Feedback Analysis & Action Taken Report

  Report field study

  Garbage Management web

  5.3.2-Engagement in various administrative, Co-Curricular and extracurricular Activities

  5.1.3 - Capacity Building and Skills Enhancement Initiatives


  Collaborative Activities

  Green Audit Report

  Green Campus Policy

  Energy Audit Report

  Energy conservation policy

  7.3.1 Portray the performance of the Institution

  Best Practice -I,II 2022-23

  5.3.1 Awards Medals

  5.2.2 Students qualifying in State/National/International level Examinations

  Placement Data

  Alumni Engagement

  Dastak Pragram Feedback

  Feedback Analysis

  Action Taken Report on the basis of stakeholders

  5.1.2 capacity development and skills enhancement

  Report of Project Work/field work/internships

  3.5.1 linkage with different bodies

  3.2.2 Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

  Students Participation in Workshops (2022-23)

  Extension Activities (2022-23)

  Sanctioned Teaching Post

  3.2.2 Departmental Reports 2022-23

  5.3.2 Sports and culture program

  5.1.1. Freeship Data Record

  5.1.2 capacity building Program

Session 2021-22

  3.1.3 seminars & Workshops

  Sanctioned Post 2021-22

  Strategic Plan 2021-22


  composition 2021-22

  7.2.1 BEST PRACTICES 21-22


  Gender Sensitization

  Statutory Decalartion 2021-22

  7.1.2 Clean India Report 2021-22

  Skill and Development Program

Session 2019-20

  Policies and Procedures 2019-20 IQAC-NAAC

  Best practices of the institution2019-20 IQAC-NAAC

  Seminar on Overseas Immigration and Jobs